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Get Mmmunchi on Play Store

Thank you for taking interest in Mmmunchi,

Mmmunchi is inspired by every game I have ever played

A prototype demo of this ultimate 2d platformer is now available for pc & Android.

[What is included in the prototype]
Experience Mmmunchi in the infancy of its development.

No more traditional menu systems. In our game you control the character and summon a portal to start, load, save or exit the game.

However in the prototype you will only be able to start the game and exit. More options will be implemented in a future release.

[Help / Instructions]


FireBreath Bar: Pink
Fart Bar: Yellow
Health Bar: Green
Bombs: White

Pickup Food & Drinks restore all bars.
Pickup bombs to add them to your inventory.

Controls are indicated on screen for a limited amount of presses, you can extend the amount by going to the help portal on the main menu world.

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