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Flaminkie: A Game Creating Awareness For Lesser Flamingo

Flaminkie is a game in aid of Lesser Flamingo. The ultimate goal of the game is to create awareness of the issues affecting lesser flamingo such as the lack of bird deflectors on the power line of the railway line running next to one of the largest flamingo breeding sites in Southern Africa, located at Kamfers Dam in Kimberley, in the Northern Cape.

Flaminkie is available on the Play Store.

Follow the Flaminkie Facebook page for updates on this project.


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We’re making the Hugo, bel die polisie mobile game!

Fight your neighbour or get them kicked out. Download Hugo, bel die polisie! soundboard from the Play Store.

A pre-release of the game is available as a soundboard while we are busy developing the game based on the Hugo, bel die polisie video that has gone viral.

Get it on Google Play

Like the game’s Facebook Page

Follow our progress on the game’s Facebook page at

Screenshots of the game in progress.

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Get Mmmunchi on Play Store

Thank you for taking interest in Mmmunchi,

Mmmunchi is inspired by every game I have ever played

A prototype demo of this ultimate 2d platformer is now available for pc & Android.

[What is included in the prototype]
Experience Mmmunchi in the infancy of its development.

No more traditional menu systems. In our game you control the character and summon a portal to start, load, save or exit the game.

However in the prototype you will only be able to start the game and exit. More options will be implemented in a future release.

[Help / Instructions]


FireBreath Bar: Pink
Fart Bar: Yellow
Health Bar: Green
Bombs: White

Pickup Food & Drinks restore all bars.
Pickup bombs to add them to your inventory.

Controls are indicated on screen for a limited amount of presses, you can extend the amount by going to the help portal on the main menu world.